15 Sep 2014

Sharing Stories

I had a pretty incredible week, last week. I spent two and a half days in Nashville, sharing an awesome hotel room with the always-amazing Krissie. We talked into the night like we were at a slumber party.
24 Aug 2014

Planner – Week of August 18 – August 24

  This week seemed so much busier than it looks on paper! I always feel busier when there are lots of commitments after work, and I had some of those this week. My new Erin Condren Life
17 Aug 2014

Shop Mania!

I have been SO pleased with the response to my Etsy shop! You guys are awesome! It is so fun to get orders and see what people like for their planners. Today, I got my first order
10 Aug 2014

Inky Planner Supplies

I thought my husband’s head was going to explode when I told him, last weekend, that I was exploring a new business venture. Eventually, he just shrugged and shook his head. Without any more prevarication, allow me
31 Jul 2014

July In Review

This month I: spent a week at the beach (that seems like forever ago!) jammed out to my road trip Spotify playlist (even the dogs joined in!) enjoyed the bounty of the farmers’ market learned the art
30 Jul 2014

DIY Planner Pages Setup

Crystal asked me to post how I make my weekly DIY planner pages – from start to finish. Here’s my process. This begins a few weeks out – I don’t lay out all my weeks at once so
27 Jul 2014

A Week in Pictures

Birthday weeks are always the most fun, right? Here’s my week in pictures:
21 Jul 2014

The Bullet Journal

I started the new job last week! The first week was an overload of information, but I think it will ultimately be a great fit. I’m excited to work for a non-profit organization that puts its clients’