Going My Own Way

I took a little unintentional blogging hiatus last week. After participating in a blog event, I was in a weird space where I felt like no one is authentic, anymore. I wasn’t sure if I was being authentic here or not, and I didn’t like that not knowing. I’m resolving to be more authentic, less product pushy, less comment-wanty, just less caught up in the hype. This probably makes very little sense, but it seems that I wasn’t alone in feeling caught up in social media and online ennui.

I’m back, today, though with a resolve to make this space what I want it to be – not what I think other people want it to be. I like sharing the books I’m reading, the crafts I’m making and the life I’m living. Who cares if that fits into some infographic’s recommendations for what to post when on your blog. Screw it. I’m going my own way. :)

I just finished an awesome romance novel that I’m excited to share with you on Friday, so look forward to that.

I also want to share some information about a workout plan/healthy eating plan I’ve been working on since January.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of the cutest, smartest dogs on the planet!


Saturday mornings are cuddle time with the dogs. Okay, the reality is that all the time is cuddle time. However, Saturday mornings are nicer cuddle time than others because no one is rushed to get anywhere, we can all wake up on our own and not be grumpy. Hopefully. Usually we aren’t grumpy. This is a picture I snapped from last Saturday morning. Everyone else (The Husband and Huckleberry) is still snoring away. It was just Boof and I awake. He likes to alternately look out the window and have his belly scratched. This is a “look out the window” moment.

huckleberry-cowWe originally bought this pillow for Boof because he tries (successfully) to use our pillows every night. Yes. I share a pillow with a pit bull. However, he never took to this cow pillow pet, so we gave it to Huckleberry instead. He LOVES it. He is much less destructive of stuffed animals. He carries this cow around the house, always careful to not tear it apart. He doesn’t usually use it as a pillow, but he likes to have it by his side.


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